Meet Darlene and Keith Fletcher

Meet Darlene and Keith Fletcher, the founders of Heathside's Simple Pleasures, and creators of Those Blooming Dishes.

Married for 33 years, they are the driving force behind the unique range, and usually at least one of them can be found offering a welcoming smile behind the counter at the Hearthsides Simple Pleasures store in Little Switzerland seven days a week.

Meet the creators - Keith and Darlene Fletcher
Hearthside's Simple Pleasures is open every day between Mid April and the 1st November, opening at9am, and staying open until 5pm, or sometimes even later to allow browsers to view the latest creations, as we as other fascinating gifts!

And when the physical store is closed, Darlene and Keith are still actively designing and preparing their unique and extremely popular "These Blooming Dishes" pottery, ready for sale during the summer - be sure to check it out!

Produced by Hearthside's Simple Pleasures, Little Switzerland NC